You have a problem…

You have a problem. We all do. After nearly thirty years studying high performance humans, here’s something I’ve learned about solving problems – rarely do normal humans solve the root problem. Fact.

Why, you might ask. Simple, really. Getting to the root requires uncommon suffering. You see, friend, your problem is not a substance, not a superior, not a son or daughter, not a position or promotion, not a lack of resources, and not something outside yourself.

You see, greatness begins with gratitude (CORE), is fueled with the love of a worthy aim (OPUS), and is grounded in marrying the mundane of PA, after PA, after PA (productive action). Your problem is you haven’t learned how to suffer. You believe greatness is your God given right, you know. You believe the road should be prepared for you, instead of preparing yourself for the road. You believe life is meant to come to you easily. Of course, you may not believe any of this. Why is it that I see so much of it every, single, day?

Today, two very different clients told their teams the exact thing. The Wizard showed her beauties the why behind her belief in the acrostic – N1C. She shared her story and why embracing N1C was chosen suffering, at least for her. You see, her life turned toward greatness when she chose the road sign that read N1C – No one is coming to save me.

Another one came clean that he doesn’t have a substance problem, he has a suffering problem. His life turned toward greatness when he saw the root of his panic/anxiety and stopped looking for someone else to solve it. He chose suffering. He replaced his chronic suffering with the acute variety. He got to the root and rooted it the hell out. He shared his hard earned belief – Suffering is not the problem. Not having a worthy purpose is. Slow down and reflect. Write. Stop settling for behavior modification. Get to the root beliefs behind your behavior. Good.

Live hard. Love harder…

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