Day 301: Fight and unite….

Yesterday we were talking about high tolerance for ambiguity, a critical skill that good leaders learn to master. Today we are talking about another critical skill that good leaders practice and master. Chet describes it this way….

“Leaders are that guy who brings up hard topics, welcomes hard hits, and doesn’t shut down when others get heated.”

Two days ago, I got a call from my client (CEO) and the discussion was one I have heard before…… “Hey Pete, in your next coaching session with Jim here is something we need you to address, his temper was on display again! Calling people out in meetings and ripping them a new one! We had people in the HR office, and I can’t have that. Look, the guy is a producer, he has an incredible impact on our company, profitability, growth, he’s flat out one of our highest performers!”

My answer and the answer I believe any BTL Builder would give……” John, to date, have you personally one on one sat down and in CCD terms, shared with Jim the fact that he is a Sr. Leader, and he is not living up to the standards you expect from your team of leaders or any leader in this company. Have you clearly stated to him, Jim, your behavior is unacceptable and must change!” 

The answer to that question after 3 different rambling answers, was NO, I have not had that clear, concise, and direct conversation with Jim. No problem, I will be there Thursday and the 3 of us will practice together sharing with Jim the message you are asking me to deliver. We will practice good curious questions, what triggers Jim’s temper? What can you do to help facilitate his behavioral change? You as the leader will practice truth telling, having the hard difficult conversation with Jim, you have been avoiding. It might be very uncomfortable at first, but we will continue practicing together, building a culture of trust and truth telling.

We will learn to Fight and Unite! 

The one thing all great teams have in common is that they practice, very deliberately and intentionally, let’s learn more about the principles of perfect practice.

The principles of Perfect Practice, whether you’re building a new golf swing, learning to be a better reader, or learning to be a truthteller, deliberate practice is the key to Excellence!

Principles of Perfect Practice

  • Deliberate
  • Intentional
  • Lots of reps, rinsing and repeating
  • Failing in the moment
  • Seeking good feedback in the moment, good coaching
  • Studying other masters, the little nuances they pay attention to
  • Baby stepping your way to excellence

Are you deliberately practicing and modeling the skills and values you expect from your team?

Have you taken the time to study the principles of perfect practice and become a student and champion of this process?

Is this even part of your vocabulary, deliberate, intentional practice that all great teams and leaders understand! 

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