My favorite team practice…

Every Friday at 8 EST, this band of builders unites for sacred practice. Gu and Petey were missing today. Those that came to practice came with all of themselves. Fact. Glorious, actually.

For 90 minutes we caught a glimpse into Heaven. Today was all about Day 6 in BBTL, because it’s the favorite day of TLC. We went there. We got in the ring together. It was hard. We lifted each other up. Clive spoke to us about love. The bottom line. Life is hard. Love harder.

BTL Band, what hit you?

9 thoughts on “My favorite team practice…

  1. Missed being with this morning…

    What’s hardest for me is hardening my CORE without hardening my heart.

    Hard core AND soft heart is what it takes to awaken, challenge, and transform from a lone toward all ONE.

    Together we transform — always together.

  2. It was sacred space this AM, Chet. I am deeply moved by the courage of each of member our Band. To get in the ring by choice, to do the hard yards…for love. For something bigger than us. And I’m humbled by the real love we have for one another, expressed without guard or hesitation.

  3. Rach hit us with the courage to step into the ring… my AND is knowing there are people around you who have been through the round you are currently fighting. Too often we feel a lone when there are many around us who have more of an understanding than we realize. Let them in.

  4. Love that we can each be our whole selves with the band. Loved hearing from a bandmate that stepped into the ring recently, took some punches, and is choosing to stay in the ring. Stepping in takes the most courage, I believe, and that bandmate has already won that battle. Love this band. Love this journey WITH the band. Love this life.

  5. And…my time with my bandmates proves to me that GOD EXISTS. Light. Love. Truth. Not easy to find that anywhere. Not easy. (Band – we are blessed!)
    And…my time with my bandmates brought to mind my favorite BBTL Day. Day 6. Not easy.
    And…my time with my bandmates again proves – one must be in the ring – for any TRANSFORMATION to take place.
    And…my time with my bandmates reinforces the importance of the critical moments when you are making critical decisions (about how to live your OPUS) – hold those moments. There is great power in them. Win, lose or draw in those moments…realize them for what they are – so that the next time – you can make a better decision.
    And…my time with my bandmates has reinforced within me – Build thyself; so as to become helpful to others.
    And…my time with my bandmates has manifested itself with a clear message: I need to do a whole lot more loving of the people that are right in front of me. The ones I can touch with my hand. Love those you love! – love them the hardest (Listen to them. Hold them. Make their dreams-your dreams) and in the most compassionate way possible.…which IS NOT EASY. Day 6 BBTL…
    And…my time with my bandmates reflects again that I am blessed and fortunate to have such a wonderful group of ‘lethal listeners and truth tellers’ to help me along my way…along with AST, my dad, M&M and a handful of other ‘spiritual guides’…it is however, up to ME to do the ‘work’.
    And…every single Friday morning when I show up for band practice I see that – miracles do happen.
    And…I believe in miracles. It is my signature strength. Someone once told me that ‘leaders are believers’. Hmmm.
    And…RH I will tell SP – How we experience ‘tal Kyrte’ in these Friday morning training sessions and deep within all of the most meaningful relationships we have.
    And…my training partner and bandmate reminds me each day (as he did again today) – the basics. The basics. Damnit, Jim – The basics! Read, write, pray, meditate, exercise, love – rinse and repeat – right?
    And…and thank all of you for introducing me to John Allen. I see him in this great ‘work’…this great group of ‘people’…His life was his message.
    And…lastly, lean into your ‘spiritual guides’…thanks, SP and DW. You are both wonderful spiritual guides for many.
    ONE. ALWAYS – ONE. (Thanks, KA)
    PS – All because someone told me that I belonged. Tell someone that they belong today. It will change their life. Not easy to do. But life changing all of the same.

    That is TLC’s ‘and’ for my time with the band this morning…

  6. A lone to all one. The transformation can only occur when you step in the ring with a few and learn how to take a punch. The process cannot happen from the stands, living in victimhood and wishing you were in the game. It takes courage to step through the ropes. The ring was crowded this morning with the band transforming together, managing the punches of life. There is a lot to be grateful for. Progress all around. I feel a lot less a lone after this morning. Thank you band.

  7. Life is hard. If your aim is to avoid this truth, you’re missing the point. Our journey to becoming who we were made to be – the best version of ourselves – fully alive, requires it. So face this challenge called life head on, step into the ring, and get after it. Don’t do this alone, if you do you’re missing the point again. Find good corner men and women who have your back, literally. Let them give you the love you need to become ALL ONE. Together we transform, always together.

  8. I missed being with the Band this morning to participate in Primemovers, studying and learning more about my Capacity to serve The Lord and be a Kingdom Builder! This would not have happened if it were not for Kitty Allen and John Rue caring and coaching me into this Primemovers journey! That’s what it means to be part of this band, this family of ONE!

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