Day 303: Mustangs, mules, and an ass…

This message is very real for me and a great leadership lesson years ago. I wanted Mustangs or my analogy at the time, Thoroughbreds, who can run and win on my team! I was young and I had little or no experience as a leader. Basically, I had demonstrated a level of high performance in one area, selling, and that made me a leader in another area of the business. How many times have we seen that move in business! And what I wanted was “Thoroughbreds, people who can run and win!” Yes, yours truly walked around espousing this philosophy and driving everybody nuts. And once again, my Boss who I admired so much, patiently sat me down and asked me if I had ever seen a Budweiser commercial with those big Clyde Dale horses, “you know, those great big, beautiful horses in the Budweiser commercials,” I said yes, and he then started with the leadership lesson!

A Clyde Dale is your workhorse, it is a large and powerful horse, it was traditionally used for drought power, in farming and hauling supplies. And Peter, 90% of the people we have working in here right now, could equate to that type of description, hard-working, steady, consistent, easy to work with, reliable and NO, they’re not thoroughbreds who can run, but we sure as hell are winning with this group. 

We have good people who show up, want to work and they probably don’t like you running around talking about your need for Thoroughbreds at every level on your team! I get your analogy, I like your spirit, I like your drive, your will to win and we share that philosophy. Remember, those are human beings out there doing their best, and not animals. I get what you’re trying to say, but right now, let’s bag the Thoroughbred Speech, just be you and lead’em!

The melody line for me when reading Chet’s message today is very simple, know your people. Understand who they are, what their capable of, what makes them different, what their strengths are, and embrace those differences. That is what a Core Centered Leader does, they have that second nature Chet speaks to regularly. Two benefits of a strong core are worth the hard work of building your Core.

Consideration of others. You seek to understand people instead of trying to fix them. You understand not everyone shares your worldview and begin to appreciate the differences. You care deeply, listen intently, and speak c.c.d. (clear, concise, and direct) from the heart. You choose to love people. People connect to your message. 

Community. People are attracted to real strength. Remember, mass attracts mass. You experience real community as you give to your family, friends, coworkers and neighbors. You discover how to love yourself and are able to love others. You give and take care. 

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