We are naturally wired toward pleasure and away from pain. Fact. However, there are not data analytics available to scientifically decipher between the two. It is in eye of the beholder – the minds eye, that is.

Last night Miss discovered that ketchup, salt, and elbow grease could return copper to it’s original shine. So, she got down on the floor and took great pleasure in returning something to it’s original shine.

Damn. That would be pure pain to me. Pleasure to my Miss.

This morning, six of us did push ups, pull ups, planks, lunges, Brinley’s, Downers, flutters, vsits, Lhang chins, mountain climbers, bear crawls, and other pain inducing stuff for 80 minutes. Most people would cringe in pain just imagining a four minute wall sit. This is Brinley 3+ minutes in it.


So, friend, the neuroscientists are right – you and I are wired toward pleasure and away from pain. Yet, it’s also true that joy and peace are most often found on the other side of acute pain. Think about it. Haven’t some of your greatest pleasures arrived after straining greatly, especially when the pursuit is bigger than yourself?

I think Teek’s recipe for great living kinda sums it up. Btw, that’s his tiny tree turning yellow. Beautiful, huh. I take great pleasure watching it grow and thinking of my best friend on four legs.

Live hard (acute pain). Love harder (joy, peace, pure pleasure). Have fun today, friends. Have fun. Laugh instead of loathe. Be with your few. Look at the faces after 80 minutes. Pain? Pleasure? What’s written on yours?

Live hard. Love harder…

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