Littlest Poquito…

Read yesterday’s rant so this makes sense if you’ve not read it yet. The dude on the far right is named Littlest Fricker, I’ve renamed him again to Poquito. He’s the toughest and mightiest among us. Fact.

Here’s Poquito, less than a month ago, after having his left knee replaced. He’s doing his PT, following doctor’s orders, and pushing himself (within reason) to do what he can. So, yesterday he came and did his stretches beside us. He laughed with us. He trash talked us. He walked with us. He made us do more simply by seeing his example.

So, friend, whatever you’re going through, it’s been gone through before. Don’t go it a lone. Initiate with your few. Be like Poquito. Do more than you think. Get out of your head and into your opus. Keep working. No excuses. Damn.

Live hard. Love harder…

1 thought on “Littlest Poquito…

  1. It seems like it is the other way to me
    I can do more and sustain more because of those beside me “with”me and supporting me all the while laughing
    I am so grateful for all of you and to get to “play” together
    Such a gift!

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