Day 307 Meditation and Musing

And sometimes despite all of your very best effort – things can go wrong.

Terribly, terribly wrong.

Late one night, I made a bad decision.

Can anyone believe we all walked away from that? Well, I didn’t actually walk away. Several of my Iraqi’s pulled me out of this burning vehicle pretty much unconscious. You see, I had bet on them…When you bet on yourself – it does not mean that you are alone. For none of us are truly ever alone, bet on that.

1 thought on “Day 307 Meditation and Musing

  1. Never would have made it as a professional poker player. Not willing to take all or nothing risks with my money.
    However, took numerous risks professionally. Success or failure was all I risked. But, most of the bigger risks were taken with the input and near unanimous support of my staff. Then, the question was not would we be successful or not, rather how long it would take us to be successful! If you don’t shoot the ball you won’t score. No such thing as trying. Either you score or you don’t. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to surround yourself with great people.

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