Took this pic yesterday before practice with my favorite soccer team in the world. These OSU runners are obsessed, at least the damn few running out front in the dark, freezing, early am air. The women’s soccer team is led by a woman obsessed with building great women and great athletes. I love her purpose and passion.

The locker room yesterday was a cauldron of chemistry. You see, team chemistry is created most often in a cauldron of high heat caused, purposely, through agitation. Few teams have a leader willing to agitate. Most modern leaders prefer keeping the peace and coddling the team. You know, avoid the whole cancel culture bullshit. Lead anything, friend, and you’ve got to love the work and the team enough to turn up the heat and agitate.

Takes practice – Deliberate practice building deep trust for the good shit to come out and the bullshit kicked to the curb. Only the damn few who are obsessed with their why create a cauldron culture instead of a coddling one. Coddling creates false harmony. Cauldron creates deep trust. Truth boils over. Shit gets messy. Strong men and women come clean and it’s quickly an antiseptic clean as the truth does not harm, even though it oftentimes hurts. Truth heals. Yesterday I was in the cauldron. Day before too. Today? In the shit. Tomorrow? Hell yeah. I mean come on man, I’m obsessed with making individuals, teams, and leaders transform from a lone toward all one. Obsessed.

What are you bathing in – False harmony or messy truth? Every leader gets the team they deserve. Want a better team? Become a better leader. Not some of the time. Sun up. Time. Sun down. Time. Obsessed. Are you?

Live hard. Love harder…

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