Day 311…Clear, concise, direct

Last night, I had the honor of speaking with a wonderful group of young men and women in a graduate theology class. It was a powerful evening. The students asked me about Afghanistan, the people I met there, and my faith.

The last question came from a woman whose family members had served in the military in the years since 9/11. She had no recollection of 9/11, but she understood the wars were central to US foreign policy and a huge investment of national treasure. She asked me my feelings about it. My answer is not important. What is important, is this:

The soldiers, sailors, Marines, Air Force personnel (and others) headed to war in Afghanistan were not thinking about anything other than war. They may have felt fear, worry about the ramifications of possibly killing others, being injured or killed themselves, or losing people under their command.

But they had clarity: We are going to fight. We are going to kill and die if necessary. We are going for each other – no matter what.

If you can give them clear direction and expectations, and they believe in you, your team will do anything for you.

Then one day as you look back, you will realize that you did not actually lead them – they led you.




1 thought on “Day 311…Clear, concise, direct

  1. Thank you, my brother Jim, for this reminder to be CCD, in my Core, in the life and work the Lord has entrusted to me, in my OPUS. In how I build into others, as I am also humbly seeking to be built. I am so grateful for how you are building me. Faith. Hope. Love. These three.

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