Day 312…Ethos, pathos, logos

The art of persuasion.  On day 312 Chet breaks this down with a little help from an old master builder, Aristotle. Chet unpacks the application of ethos, pathos, and logos when it comes to persuasion.

A leader has to be able to not only present their case clearly, concisely, and directly but also in a manner that will make others want to listen. They have to show superiors and subordinates alike that they know what they are talking about.

I have received and given thousands of briefs in the military. My own ‘briefing process’ can be boiled down to five simple words:

Credible, competent, confident, calm, creative.

A credible leader who is competent can engage her teammates in a confident and calm manner that will allow for creativity when delivering the message.

Leader, get your C’s together.

Standing in front of your team is always a chance to improve – yourself and them.




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