Day 316…Assume less, again…

Assume less, please.

As a military veteran, I am sometimes called a hero.  But veterans have no monopoly on heroism, and contrary to what you might assume, I have seen far more courage off the battlefield than on it.

My military career ended with an honorable discharge. But I was also demoted in rank, and had my cherished Special Forces tab taken from me. Worst of all, my career-ending actions hurt many of the people I had tried so hard to protect downrange. In the end, I walked away from the military late one December night at Fort Bragg, NC, hand in hand with my soul mate. My life collapsed down to one thing.

Here is one big takeaway…

We are all in combat. We all are making life-or-death decisions. We are all making choices that impact others – especially our families, and those who work for us. We are all heroes. We are all warriors. The experiences I had in combat are in fact no different from the challenges, disappointments, victories, losses, pain, joy, anger, and love that we all face, or will face.

My path to “bravery on the battlefield” seems like nothing compared to Jimmy Lai’s path to “bravery in life.” You see, Jim Gant is still learning about “bravery in life.”

We all have fears. They are different….but the same. Think about it.

I lost friends in combat. Recently, one of my closest and most dear ‘spiritual guides’ lost her husband in an instant. I have gained great strength watching people close to me deal with the pain and grief of losing loved ones. Is that pain any different? I say…no. Maybe a different color or shade or tone – but pain all the same…and the path out of the pain?

Damn. Hard.

So, here is one of my beliefs: I have no pain, no past, no joy, no dream, no experience that you have not had or will have in the future, it may just take a different form.

“Enemy occupied territory – that is what the world is.” – CS Lewis

And I believe it is the ‘inner war” that will have a beautiful impact outside.




It is the ‘inner-war’ one must win.

Thanks, again Steve…Thank you for being such a wonderful friend and ‘spiritual guide’…I love you, brother.

2 thoughts on “Day 316…Assume less, again…

  1. Thank you, brother Jim, for sharing your thoughts on this one. So good and so true. I love this twist on Lewis’ quote…a motto I live by, actually: ‘There is no uncontested territory.’ Whether it’s our inner war, in the spiritual realm, or one that is visible to others in the public sphere, the battle lines are felt, experienced … and sometimes seen. That rinse of my Worldview has been of great value to my sense of expectations of life this side of heaven. I will lay down my sword only on the other side. Not before.

    Standing with you, brother, with gratitude and belief.

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