Talk and emote…

You, my fellow American (if you are one), do not speak English. You speak Miss if your name is, well, Miss. You speak Bk, if your name is The Athlete. You speak Joeylamb if your name is Joe Agnello. And, friend, your loved ones are not speaking their native tongue when the words coming out their mouth are emotionally charged. You see, humans talk and emote. What?

Many conflicts we work through in BTL team practice come from teammates interpreting a teammates emotionally charged words as if they’re coming from the emotional language of the receiver. Your partners default emotions are not yours. Neither are their words. Slow down and sit with this for awhile.

You see, it’s not enough to learn your loved ones language, you’ve got to know your emotional filters and understand theirs. Most conflict is simply a conversation to be had. A conversation where we speak and listen, especially when our teammate is emoting, not simply talking.

Your emotional language is not the emotional language of your teammate. Do you know your triggers and how you emote accordingly? Do you know each of your teammates, loved ones, and your most intimate partner? You talk and you emote. We all do. Know the difference. Don’t simply react to your partners emoting. Breathe. Calm yourself. Understand that the meaning behind her words or his are not the English definition of said word.

God, help me understand my language and the language of those I love. God, help me regulate myself and allow your presence to regulate the room. God, help me trust that peace is found on the other side of acute pain. God, help me remember to trust You and simply be with. God, help me walk on. Good…

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