Day 315 Meditation and Musing

LTC (ret) Scott Mann. Look him up. Here is what you won’t find.

After my career had come crashing down all-around me in a matter of minutes, I returned from my last rotation in Afghanistan in 2012 a broken man. I was physically, emotionally, intellectually and worst of all spiritually – broken…LTC Mann was the very first person to reach out to me.

Since those days he has asked me to call him “Scott” not “Sir” and has become even more important in my life than he was in those days together in Afghanistan (thank you Sir for coming out to Mangwel and visiting Sitting Bull and I!).

Recently, he stepped up again and led an incredible effort to save as many of our Afghan allies as he and others who joined him possibly could.

Thanks, Sir…Thanks, Scott…




If you want to know more than you could ever imagine about what it was like to be ‘downrange’ – watch this:

3 thoughts on “Day 315 Meditation and Musing

  1. Kirk,
    If you remember there was a time when I thought I understood what you were feeling and what your thoughts were when you were downrange. I thought I shared your experiences in battle as if I were truly there.
    All of this because I spoke to you on the phone often and we e-mailed each other every day almost. Time passed and I realized I knew absolutely nothing about what you were going through. Not even close! Especially the demons. We spoke of them often. But, speaking of them does not make them go away. Nor does it hide the violence and death that surrounded you daily. Your physical and emotional pain were on a piece of paper taken from an e-mail.
    Even though my heart aches for you I will never know your pains. I surely don’t want to experience them. But, I will always get on the helicopter with you!

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