Day 318…Meditation and Musing

Spend some time today with Huston Smith.

Thank you, dear Huston for teaching me the basics and giving me ‘vitamin supplements’ for for my faith.

And thank you MarkD. You are a wonderful ‘spiritual guide’…thank you for sharing the personal notebook that was put together upon Huston’s passing. Thank you for sharing stories about the beautiful times you had with him and your father. Because you know him…I know him too.

At the closing of one of Huston’s last works (Tales of Wonder) he wrote the following:

“I can choose my favorite closing, after all. It is borrowed from the martyr Saint John Chrysostom, who while being drawn and quartered was said to have exclaimed, “Praise, praise for everything. Thanks, thanks for it all.” I savor the words in my mind, roll them on my tongue, and repeat them as my own: Thanks for everything! Praise for it all.”

Yes. Thanks for everything! Praise for it all.




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