Day 318…Turn right here

The ‘road signs’ of life come about in varied forms. For me, the most important ‘road signs’ have been either given to me or found through direct experience.

These ‘road signs’ have emerged in books, writing, contemplation, mediation and prayer or in direct experience. These ‘road signs’ can also be looked at as ‘fingers’ pointing one the right way. My whole life, I have always loved to read.

After years of combat, I was struggling to find not my way, but a way, any way. There was only one place on earth where I felt safe. That was with my soul mate. She never left my side – literally. One day she gave me a book: “The Religions of Man” by Huston Smith.

Changed my life. Gave me hope. Slowly, I began to read again. Began to read a whole lot. Began to write. Began to pray! Began to try to take better care of myself, became aware of my true responsibilities…began to see the light that was around me and slowly began to live again.

A book.

What you read matters.

Give someone you love a book.

Thank you, AST, for this wonderful ‘road sign’ and for introducing me to one of my first ‘spiritual guides,’ Huston Smith.




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