Day 320…Meditation and Musing

Today, I received a wonderful email from my friend and one of my ‘spiritual guides’ John Kiser. When I wrote the blog this morning, I had no idea that today was his birthday. Go figure.

On my birthday in 2013, my soul mate gave me a copy of “Commander of the Faithful” which I read with deep intent. It hit me like a sacred scripture. Through our dear friends Ray and Barb (I love you both!) I got a chance to sit down and eat breakfast with John Kiser. We became fast friends.

John Kiser wrote not one, but two books that changed the course of my ‘spiritual journey.’Thank you, Brother John. I love you.

I received the below email from him today. The subject line read:

There Are No Coincidences

It then recounts an email that I sent him in 2016.

“Commander of the Faithful” will change the way you view morality in war, leadership in life, and spirituality – both on and off the field of battle.




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