Day 324…Together, we transform

Today, I share a gift. It is a gift my father shared with me when I was a young infantry lieutenant in 1998. I had just finished one of the most rewarding and fulfilling jobs I would have. I did not want to leave my platoon mates. I called my dad and told him I could not find words to say to them.

Soon after, I received a copy of the “Buffalo Hunt” in the mail from my dad. The buffalo hunt is how I have framed many of the events that I would experience for the remainder of my life.

What is a buffalo hunt? A buffalo hunt is an event so epic, so special, so wonderful that you may only be able to experience it once in an entire lifetime.

Usually, these events are difficult, but inside this difficulty, one finds deep meaning and true friendship. Yes, there are tears and pain. But there is also laughter, joy, and love.

Chet, Gu and Dosch…thank you for the bloodletting of the book editing. What an incredible piece of work came out of that buffalo hunt!

Learn to recognize events, both large and small, that will never come your way again.




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