Day 324(5)…Together, we transform part II


No way would I bypass David’s builder journey.

David is someone I will listen to and lean into for the rest of my life.

Courage. David has shown this trait, not on some far away battlefield but where it truly matters – at home and in his heart.

David has taken on challenges that would make me wither away.

David lives in a manner that makes me want to investigate and emulate his path because it resonates with me.

You see, he can hear what I do not say and, somehow, he understands.

David helped me realize that my true self needed to be discovered, not developed. This is one of the most difficult but important ideas to understand about oneself. Thank you, DD.

As a quick aside, I recently started giving my precious comic book collection away. I started collecting comics when I was a little guy (thanks dad!) and have a kick-ass collection that goes way back. As a part of this, I sent David a set of my favorite comics.

I sent him my Daredevil comics – a.k.a. “The Man Without Fear.” What makes the Daredevil a marvel super-hero? He is blind but can see.

What makes David Deck a real-life super-hero to me? He is blind but can see and he is helping me to see as well.

Thank you, David, for manifesting what I think about when I think “good husband,” “good father,” “good friend,” “good neighbor,” ”good man.”




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