C.S. Lewis wrote a thought provoking beauty titled The Four Loves. He does a great job trying to unpack the mystery of love. Philo, according to Clive was the kinda love you experience when you say the words, “me too.” You know it when you meet someone who shares your passions and/or sense of purpose and you are immediately drawn in. Philo is brotherly/sisterly love, you know. I’ve been blessed with so many transformational brothers/sisters. Freakin’ magic.

Wealth? Overrated. True friends? Priceless.

This is Thanksgiving week, friends. Slow down. Reflect. Tell one or two of your friends what they mean to you. Let them know, you know. Bless them. Give them the gift of philo. Good.

Thanks, Bird, Grover, and Sniper for hanging with me since freakin’ grade school. Thanks, Hannus for teaching me Christians could be cool. Thanks, CompuServe dudes (Soup, Snuch, jmo, Booboo, Quinnermanwithaplan, Suttleman, PVC, Bobbytheh, Grumdelagrum, Thumbaboom, Pablo, and so many more) for taking me in in spite of my freakin’ childish behavior. Thanks, Bk, Durp, Dubitosh, Slo, PK, Gu, Dosch, Browny, Jiggles, Poquito, Kitty, TLC, Centerfield, TayTay, Slippage, and the entire BTL Band family for being my few.

Thanks, Kevin, Farmer, Queen, Farmer, Burnt meadow, Grande, and the entire 3PP gang for making me do what I can. Thanks, Reda, Coach Kevin, Brian, Bryan, Hunter, Joeylamb, Hippie, Dave, Ron, Marshall, Tommyc, Wierema, Robert, Dan, Bryan, Hunter, and so many more for your trust and friendship over the years. Thanks friends for all the love.

Thanks Brother Mick for literally saving my life. Thanks Grappy for saving my life and being one of my best friends for forever. Thanks Cbear for being my friend. Thanks, Nick, for your friendship. Thanks Wizard for the gift of your belief and friendship. You all make my life worth, you know, living. Philo is priceless.

What, friend, do you value most?

Live hard. Love harder…

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