Day 329…Wasichu

Thanksgiving is my favorite Holiday. I’ve made it a tradition of mine to read more about the Native Americans. Each Thanksgiving, I try to take the time to read a book that widens my understanding of these people who came before us wasichu. Wasichu was the Lakota word for “white people.” Its alternative meaning was “the one who steals the bacon.” I’m re-reading Sitting Bull by Bill Yenne. Here’s a little taste from Sitting Bull’s perspective:

I do not want anyone to bother my people. I want them to live in peace. I myself have plans for my people, and if they follow my plans, they will never want. They will never hunger. I wish for traders only and no soldiers on my reservation. God gave us this land, and we are at home here. I will not have my people robbed. We can live if we can keep our Black Hills. We do not want to eat from the hand of the Grandfather. We can feed ourselves.

Sitting Bull is a well-written story about the Native Americans and the forming of our country. This story and others like it have a humbling effect on me. The wider our perspective, the more we unite with those unlike ourselves. We are still a country trying to figure it out. Look around the world and notice a world still on the road and a long way from the mark. Today, let’s be thankful, grateful, and helpful. Tomorrow too. Let’s give the world a taste of what makes no sense. Let’s not only say grace—but let’s give it. We, the BTL band, are thankful for you. Thanks for your attention and trust. Thanks for being iron and sharpening us. Thanks for allowing us to sharpen you too. Together, we transform. Always together.

What’s your favorite celebration? Tell me more.

Thanks, Chet (he wrote today’s entry). Today was an easy day of writing (Day 334). Gave me time to be with…I enjoyed a wonderful day with my wonderful family.




PS “Sitting Bull” was not a man who lived long ago. I met him. I knew him. I loved him.

He changed my life forever.

Thank you, father, mentor, friend and ally.

I miss you every single day, but you are in my heart – always.

Thanksgiving, 2011

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