A client practice this am ended with this writing. He asked me to start every future practice with this reminder. I’m giving it to you too. Enjoy…

We started with your learning from this past week. Actually we started with some prep for your Board meeting. I reminded you that you catastrophize stuff thats really just an obstacle in the way. We’ve all got shit that doesn’t make sense and it leads to ambiguity. We all lose sight of the shore.

The difference between being average and elite is the consistency of effort in ambiguity.

I mean c’mon man, anybody can go full gas for awhile or when the winds at their back. I told you the story when my bicycle brakes went out on the descent of Mount Cenis and extrapolated it to your plight. Your job is just to keep making the next turn, miss the car, split the motorcycles, make the next turn, miss the car, look for a place to put the bike down, make the next turn, and then thank God when he puts a little uphill in your runaway ride.

Strong CORE keeps you calm in ambiguity or when facing the unimaginable.

I told you another MOT for me when the heart attacked and I couldn’t catch a breath. No panic. Practice. Focus the mind. I told myself to just get another breath and so I did. The doc’s said my blood pressure was beyond stroke territory and my pulse was fading fast. They were preparing paddles to bring me back from the brink. I never needed ‘em. I remained conscious throughout the entire procedure. You can too. This business is not going to kill you, it’s going to help define you. This business is an experiment that is one big learning moment. Use it. Enjoy it, even the hardest of the hard parts. Enjoy it, even the lack of clarity. See it all as a growth opportunity for you and your teams. You are not a mistake. You are on a mission. You are here to contribute and are doing exactly that. Keep showing up at home and be the man. Keep showing up at work and being the man. And, keep being the HUman. The unique HUman that God designed you to become. Keep being a work in process – a HUman.

I’m an old dog. You are a young pup. You have your whole life in front of you. I’m on the back nine. Learn from me. This shitstorm you’re in, it’s really no big deal. Deal with it. Learn from it. Make the next turn. Catch the next breath. Left foot, right foot. Figure it out on the climb. Keep moving and don’t forget to look down and give and a hand. Catch your breath too. Look up. See the helping hands all around you. Grab hold of one and humbly let them pull your sorriness up. None of us is as smart as all of us. None of us is meant to go it alone. If we were, the BTL tag line would be “Alone we’re awesome.”

It. Is. Not. True.

Together we transform. Always together.


Look at your CORE work everyfreakin’day. Consistency of CORE work is freakin’ magic. Memorize your OPUS. Bathe in it until you believe it is the way forward. PoP it out, you know, baby step into it. Everyday baby step a bit. Left foot, right foot. Make the next turn. Breathe.

Live hard. Love harder.

Give and take care.


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