Day 344 Mediation and Musing and Music

Hermann Hesse.

Have you heard of him? In 1946 Hesse received the Nobel Prize in Literature.

The places I have been with him I cannot explain.

I learned of him from two of my ‘spiritual guides’ – Charles Cameron and my oldest son.

I got to know Charles Cameron over at – one of my favorite websites ever – through my dear friend Mark Safranski. Brother Charles was so patient with me for years. I asked question after question about God. He even wrote some blogs for me. Finally, one day he had had enough, “Jim – you tell me. Does God exist? “Prove it to me one way or another – in writing!” he said. Yes, thank you Brother Charles for so much. I do not miss you – you are with me each day…and thank you for introducing me to Hermann Hesse!

Soon, after I became aware of Hermann Hesse my oldest son showed up at my house one day. “Hey dad, I got you a book. You may or may not like it. But read this chapter for sure,” he said. The book? Siddhartha. You must read Siddhartha. Thank you, son, for sharing with your dad.


All the books of the world

will not bring you happiness,

but build a secret path

toward your heart.

What you need is in you:

the sun, the stars, the moon,

the illumination you were seeking

shines up from within you.

The quest for wisdom

made you comb libraries.

Now every page speaks the truth

that flashes forth from you.

-Hermann Hesse




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