Day 344…Enlightenment

Enlightenment. Very few words are as misunderstood. What does it mean?

I am not enlightened – but I know a few people who are. I have spent more time than most with a few enlightened people.




Go search for yourself. Go ahead and read all the books, watch all the YouTube videos and study all the most famous “enlightened people” and you will quicky find that they all talk about love and how to give it.

If you could have any super-power in all the world, what would it be? If you answer that question honestly it will tell you so much about yourself.

Enlightenment? Illumination? Expansion? Acceptance?




I cannot seem to figure this out.

I see it, I hear it, I even understand it intellectually – but cannot love unconditionally. The ego is ever present.

I, I, I, me, me, me, I, I, I…!!!

On the other side of this equation?

This is what I see and hear, please do not miss this:

“My commandment to you is that you love one another as I have loved you. I have shown you the one truth by which you can live, and from which you will have all that you wish. The whole teaching is – to love one another.” – Jesus, The Nazarene.

Want to become enlightened?

Learn to love unconditionally.




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