Reminders, reminders, reminders…

Yesterday, during practice 340, we read Day 340 in BBTL and got after it. The learning was out of bounds, off the charts, borderline insanity, at least to me. You see this system recently installed a new system. Game changer. Paradigm shift which always comes with lots of resistance and growing pains. The edge has been off as it always is during a time of transition. Yesterday, one of the high performers was lit about his learning from playing with the new system. He’s beginning to figure out how to use it to maximize his production. He’s beginning to see it, as it’s meant to be seen, not as a production deterrent but as a production catalyst. So, he asked the leader to remind him (again) why she demanded such a chaos invoking change to Choice.

He wants to know her why.

She has told this team her why since the beginning of time – at least in her logic based brain. She doesn’t know why she needs to keep repeating the dream state this new system enables. I mean c’mon man, don’t you get it?

Nope, leader, they don’t.

Remind them. Give them the dream speech. Give it to them again. Paint the picture of the future and believe it. Tell the team why it matters and what you want them to do now. Get it tight and leave them wanting more. Take their questions. Poke them for good ones. Speak truth in love. No bullshit. No sugar coating. Truth.

Leaders are believers. Leaders are connectors too. We don’t judge the leader by how much they know. We judge the leader by how much the team learns and how they convert their learning into PA. Fact. So, leader, remind them. Remind them. Remind them. You beginning to get the gig?

No why? No way. Know why? Know the way. Damn, that is some ccd, freakin’ magic…

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