Day 345…Sober (or not)

I do not want to do today’s writing. It hits home with me. I struggled all day trying to figure out how to best address addiction.

So, let’s just go clear, concise and direct shall we?

1. If you are reading this you are a high performer or are striving to become one.

2. If you are an addict (read drugs or alcohol) you probably do not know it.

3. You may not have anyone around you to tell that you are an addict because your closest friends may be enabling you.

4. Here is the kicker, whether you know you are an addict or not does not lessen the grave damage that you are doing to yourself and others. You are hurting those you love the most.

5. If you know you have a problem – get help immediately. Friends, family, professional help, whatever you need to do.

6. You can overcome being an addict.

7. If you are not an addict – do not become one. Back away from any addictive drug- or alcohol-related habits that you may have – now. Cautionary word: Most of us become addicts long before we know we are.

8. High performing addicts are the worst.

9. Leaders, do not ever put pressure on your people to party. Remember, where you lead, they will follow.

10. If you are an addict, never lose hope. You can break the cycle. Also remember how impressionable your children are…they watch you and listen to you their whole lives and when they watch you become an active addict who can still “perform” they will think that is the “norm.”




1 thought on “Day 345…Sober (or not)

  1. Drugs and alcohol are perhaps the most destructive addictions, but there are others that have similar consequences. Being addictive to my job cost me my family. Be cautious!

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