Day 355: Prepare them for the road…

…is the antithesis of “prepare the road for them”.

There is a worldview in today’s culture which believes Millenials and Gen Z are generationally fragile and need the road prepared for them. If you’ve made it this far through Becoming BUILT TO LEAD, you’ve read at least a dozen times how these good intentions and bad ideas are setting up a generation for failure.

A slippery slope and common trap we see many clients fall into is over-scripting the career paths of newbies they on-board, and assuming too much responsibility for others’ development and performance.

This violates two core BTL principles of leadership, which serve as bookends:

  1. “Our chief want in life is someone who shall make us do what we can.” Thank you, Emerson.
  2. “The role of a leader is to do for the team only what the team cannot yet do for itself.” Thank you, Blanchard.

Does it take wisdom to know the difference? Yes.

Does it take a strong CORE, humility, and courage to execute the difference by passing the tension to the rightful owners instead of filling the performance gap trap for them? Yes.

Does it take a compelling O-verarching Vision and P-urpose to inspire a team to join you on a super-highway which is always under construction, doing their part to build out their lane, especially when it’s REAL, HARD, WORK and out of their comfort zones? Yes.

How well and how consistently you follow these two principles ultimately give you exactly the team you deserve.

In our client 1:1s, BTL builders make our clients do what they can, stop doing what the team can, and prioritize PAs for what the team cannot yet do today to prepare them for the road.

In our client team practices, practice is designed to flip the script from preparing the road for the team to preparing the team for the road. As teams embrace the Builder’s Journey as their labor of love, it pays huge dividends in work and life, and together they transform from a lone toward ALL one — one, distinct and deeply connected.

How about you? Are you recruiting people who expect you to prepare the road for them or to prepare them for the road? How well and how consistently are you following the two bookend principles? Is your tendency to coddle and fix — if so, why? What self-limiting beliefs need replaced? Reflect and write. PAs, please?

Done so.

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