Day 4: CORE-centered and self-controlling…

In life I’ve chosen the different road. Not out of willfulness, but rather out of my CORE. I’m not normal…and have been aware of that from a young age. I’m cool with that, in fact. I can cite chapter and verse of the inflection points in my life when I faced a choice regarding the path ahead. In retrospect I most often chose the unexpected path…at least in light of what societal expectations would have directed. From working in the oilfield industry to serving with LA in churches and non-profit start-ups to building with BTL, are just a few of my choices. Yet this is the path that fit me and my emerging OPUS 100%. True to my CORE: true to who I am, true to what I love. True to how God created me. A life-giving path of growth so I can give more to others. 

I am not a master by any means, rather I am a work in progress in pursuit of mastery. The journey begins, as Chet challenges us in Day 4 of BBTL, by becoming ONE within. As I rinse and refine my CORE yet again at the start of 2022… what I believe, what I love, who I am, why I’m here, how I choose to live and work… the Oneness within gets stronger and my OPUS brings me more joy and life than I thought possible 20 years ago…shoot, what I thought was impossible just about 13 years ago after my devastating MOT. The ONE who gives me life and love and true Oneness is my audience of ONE. Jesus is the author and perfecter of my journey. My worldview is that He is WITH me every moment so I do not fear. 

CORE-centered and self-controlling is a worthy path to choose. It is a path toward freedom and Oneness within. And it’s a catalyst to having Oneness with others. 

My friend, you were created to be an original. You are one-of-a-kind. You are here for a purpose. A deeply-meaningful and impactful purpose. Living out of your true CORE and authoring your authentic OPUS will empower you to be the original you are. Sounds like freedom to me. 

So I leave you on Day 4 of 2022 with a PA: How do you rate yourself on the continuum of living CORE-centered and self-controlling vs. self-centered and other-controlling? Write where you want to live this year on that continuum. Then author 3 PA’s to take your next step forward and share with your Builder. Good. 

3 thoughts on “Day 4: CORE-centered and self-controlling…

  1. Powerful Message that I know will inspire our readers as well as myself to take your challenge and live a more Core-centered life, fueled by Opus!!
    When I think of Core-centered, you are the model Kitty!!

  2. When biblical authors wrote about who to imitate and who to reject, they wrote — remember the leaders who taught you the word, and considering the result of their conduct, imitate their faith. This is the bar I held LA (not Los Angelos) to being my builder, and the bar you held me to being one of yours.

    Thank you Kitty for R+R in keeping the bar high. Your bar keeps pushing the master’s bar up in our Band.

  3. Sister Kitty, POWER FULL…!!!! WONDER FULL!!! And best of all? TRUE!!!! I will never, ever forget when I had so many questions and was unable to process all of what was going on around me…and I asked you if what I was “seeing” and “hearing” was true…”Yes, Brother Jim. It is true. You are seeing and hearing His will. ONE…ONENESS. It is true Brother Jim. It is true.” Yes, Sister Kitty it is all true. And ONENESS with Him. ONENESS within. ONENESS with others.

    Thank you for modeling THE WAY.

    Your brother IN Christ,


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