Day 3: Happiness

About a year ago I was listening to a podcast by Joe Rogan with Matthew McConaughey and two things stood out to me. McConaughey mentioned the importance of breaking a sweat everyday, and how impactful writing in a journal had been for him. What I especially loved is how he talked about how much the writing impacted his life. His writing helped him get clear on things such as his desire to break a sweat everyday. He talked about how his writing made him happier because he was turning his thoughts into actions.

In Built to Lead language he was closing his integrity gaps. Isn’t it funny how New Year’s resolutions are an example of a desire to close our own integrity gaps? There is a desire to align our behaviors to our beliefs, but most get stuck trying to just alter their behavior.

And so to build on David from yesterday, one reason we write is to get clarity on what we believe. If you want to be happy or lead others you have to start here. “You cannot lead others further than you’ve led yourself.” Anyone new on the journey of becoming BTL must fall in love with starting the hard work within themselves first. And the beauty of starting this journey is that anything worth reaching for is not easy to obtain. Most New Year’s resolutions unfortunately don’t hold up to time.

Pick up the pen and write. What do you believe? Where do you want to go? What do you believe will make you happy? Start writing and you will see yourself beginning to grow. Your growth will become influence, because growing leaders build growing teams.

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