Pour more…

So, you think you’re a leader. Good, we could use more leaders on every, single team. Here’s something leaders habituate. Leaders don’t model “poor me,” they leave that to the masses. Leaders simply pour more.

Leaders pour themselves into other leaders. Leaders pour themselves into their teams. Leaders pour themselves into their captains. Leaders pour themselves into their few. Leaders pour themselves into the next generation and leaders pour themselves into those they love. Leaders understand the world is full of leaking vessels. Instead of feeling “poor me” for their leadership challenge, leaders simply pour more. Leaders fill us up.

Leaders are tough and tender – both are required to just keep pouring. So, leader, who are you purposely pouring into? Who needs more filling? Who fills you? What fills you? Remember, you cannot pour what you don’t possess. Maybe, just maybe, you might want to look up, fill up, and then pour more. Slow down and soak this truth in. Look up. Fill up. Pour more. Leaders pour more. You?

Live hard. Love harder…

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