Day 2: Why we write…

Yesterday, GuRue encouraged you to answer a seemingly simply question: Why are you here? Usually when we ask this question of our clients or their teams, we get a question back: “What do you mean: here in this room, here at this company, here on this earth?” We simply reply, “Yep, just write.”

Writing about any one of those questions will begin to reveal more than you can imagine. Check this out, research shows we have approximating 2,500 thoughts per hour and 80% of those are subconscious. So essentially 20% of our thoughts determine our state of mind. Slowing down – reflecting – writing about the 80% helps bring some of those disparate thoughts to the table and more consciously affect our state of mind. This is why writing is so hard.

Chances are… when you start vetting out your subconscious thoughts you’re going to find more fear, sadness, pain and irrationality than you want to. Chances are… you might not have any good answers to these questions because you’ve just been floating or coasting. Chances are… if you write, you will learn. Chance are… if you learn you will engage. Chances are… if you engage you will grow.

If this is your first time round the Becoming BTL book, pick up the pen, grab a keyboard – just start. If this is your second, reread what you wrote last year and rinse. Clarity will come the more you do that. This is why we write and never stop.

Carpe Diem

1 thought on “Day 2: Why we write…

  1. Happy New Year, and thanks for these words! I don’t have to, but will, re-read last years words… for I know that will cement how I’m feeling this year and what truths are coming out in recent writing.

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