Day 1: Why are you here?

What? C’mon, Toto — I mean we made a resolution to buy BBTL as a 2022 devotional to become a better leader, and it starts with this?? Why?

In the words of an ancient proverb:

“Tell you, you may listen.
Teach you, you may learn.
Involve you, you will do it.
Engage you, you will commit.”

If you just want another how-to leadership book, it’s not too late to turn back. It’s only Day 1 after all.

But beware, reading more content isn’t the road to more contentment. You may check a box, but you won’t change the trajectory of what got you here until you shoot straight with yourself and come clean about your Current State.

You are after all, here, whatever that means for you. Do you know why? Is it where you want to take up residence? Are you living with chronic pain you’ve just become resigned to? Have you been sleep-walking through life?

The BTL framework begins with Awakening. It’s up to you. You can hit snooze and roll over and ignore yet another moment of truth (MOT). After all, taking a blue pill and settling for some form of numbing existence and mindlessly following the herd isn’t uncommon. It’s like Howard Hendricks said, “nothing is more common than unfulfilled potential.”

But remember, your choices have consequences. And not just for Your Highness or your sorryness (however it is you view yourself) — like it or not, your choices are on display for the watching world of your significant other (or future one who could be), your family, your team, and your community.

So you’re at the first of many whYs in the road you will encounter on your Builder’s Journey should you choose to continue.

Day 1 represents a foundational BTL principle:

Know your why, know your way. No why, no way.

BTL is the less-traveled road for the few who wish to become a master in the art of living and strive toward the unfulfilled potential inside.

We can’t do it for you, but we can do it with you.

Yes, it will be painful — sometimes acutely so — but it is the road out of misery and a life of quiet desperation toward a life for which we were intended. There is no road around it, under it, or over it — only through it.

Ready to face the truth? If so, take a courage pill and write.

Why are you here?

Done so.

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