Day 9: Belong and become…

Belong and become. Understanding this is one of the most important foundational concepts in the BTL journey. And the exploration and application of the 1,000 nuances of this concept is as deep and profound as the roots of a grove of aspen trees.

I want to look at this from a slightly different angle today. Recently, I was introduced to the concept of mimetic theory by René Girard. It’s both a simple and complex set of ideas about how society is formed through people desiring similar things of the main influencers in their life.

In my work with top performers who are seeking to become something great, I have seen two overriding desires to put in the work. The rare one we chase in the BTL community is a love of the work and love of the team.  This is the path of becoming a true master of our craft because we love the game itself.

The other path is the one that most of the world takes, often unconsciously. “Working” to obtain a certain lifestyle that mimetic theory would tell us is mostly influenced by those they admire. Think of the classic cliche of “keeping up with the Joneses”. This is not the aim of the BTL journey and an easy trap for the modern human to fall into.

Where this becomes an even more viscous cycle is part 2 of the B&B theory. We feel like we must obtain these material desires to belong with those we admire, for good and bad reasons. This is a dangerous pathway toward the hedonistic treadmill.

If you believe you become the product of the 5 people you spend the most time with, I encourage you to observe how those 5 people are impacting your desires in life. Are they in it for the love of their craft and love of their team (at work and at home?). Or are they chasing something else that has now influenced your own path in a positive or negative way?

Choose your influences wisely. As Chet always says, your choices have consequences.

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