The Wizard…

This lit me up again, this morning. I felt the need to open my SOS (Scorecard of Significance). Had a heavy week, you know. Needed a jolt of energy. Your SOS is meant to remind you why this hard OPUS is worth the sweat.

This is leadership 101 if you want to be a Head Coach or CEO someday. Take PA from your builder and do it better than he or she would have done it. This is the new standard for introducing the discovery questions and comes to you courtesy of The Wizard. She is worth following. Here’s a taste of her heart.

Attached are the Built to Lead- 81 Discovery questions from Chet.

We like to ask metaphorically around here “How would you eat an elephant?”

Looking at all of these in one big bite is super overwhelming and hard to find a plan of attack. But like anything, you can only eat, one bite at a time. Avoid “I can’t,” dispel “it’s too hard,” side step “I don’t know,” avoid panic and regain control by learning to keep “it“ simple and break things down into smaller bites that are less overwhelming. This allows us to focus our energy one bite at a time; one question at a time; one YoYo level at a time; one test at a time; one pass at a time; one game at a time. The focus is on process not on outcome. Slow down, sit with “uncomfortable“, learn to learn, and learn to enjoy the journey (process) along the way. If you are truly a life long learner, you desire for this process (journey) to never end. No one said it’s going to be easy…

These are titled “Discovery” for the reason that you are beginning the process of getting to know YOU better. Do not answer these for ME, answer these question for YOU, from your heart with the purpose of getting to know yourself better and start understanding what YOU truly believe. You have had influence in your life up to now: your parents, your siblings, your faith, your coaches, your friends… Maybe you have never thought very deeply about what you believe. The time is now. If you don’t start to understand what you believe and develop a strong center- a CORE, then you will waiver with every new influence, blow in the wind with every new problem, feel out of control with all life’s noise, and feel out of balance with every social media post. Imagine the inner peace you could feel with less noise, more balance, more strength and you influencing the world because YOU are so steady! How would you play from this later state of mind? Wouldn’t it be easier to become ELITE from this later state of mind? This is WHY we develop our CORE. Clare will help you develop your literal core next starting next week. BTL will help us develop our figurative CORE each week. Both require consistent practice and attention.

Answer #1-10 as your Productive Action (PA) before next weeks Thursday call. Start a journal and write in complete sentences not bullet points. I use my iPad and “Notability.” Find something that works for YOU. Your brain wants to make sense of the complex world inside of you. Get the words onto “paper” and then get curious… do those words really represent ME?

Next PA will be BTL Buddies… coming soon.

Enjoy the process.
Glad you all are BUCKEYES!

So, reader, slow down and write your thinking. Maybe you’re a great thinker. Write what you’re feeling. As for me, I’m feeling filled. You?

Live hard. Love harder…

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