Day 11…Always together

As founder of BTL, I believe all people are born and BUILT to LEAD. All humans are on the hook, at a minimum, to lead themselves. We believe transformational leaders are inspired, not driven. This word difference makes a world of difference. None of us can lead another further than we’ve gone ourselves. Fact. We are with you on this journey of Becoming BTL. This is why our secondary logo is the image of two people on a climb. One is reaching back to lend a hand to another. Together, we transform. Always together.

– Chet, Day 11

Can you really grab this? Can you really wrap not only your mind but your heart around this? The above words are not a cool “blurb” or inspirational vomit.

They have the power to be transformational.

This Sacred Band of BTL is in fact, the real deal. Keep searching if you wish. You will be back…or glimpsing into the well of wisdom will push you away.

Truth can pull – or it can push – either way – it is truth.

I wanted to share a recent email that I sent to one of my dear friends and band members who has helped me learn to seek truth – no matter how hard it hurts.

A sincere prayer of hope, happiness and health to you and yours.

I read your email and felt great pain. I sat with it for a few days.

I am no man’s builder. I have laid myself open to the band believing that somewhere in the process of ‘discovery’ that I will find myself.

Build Thyself. That is my BTL mantra.

I have gotten to know you through your monthly blogging and our morning meetings. So, I will say that I know you better than 99% of the population…but – I know you, not. (Which is much different from you are on your own). It is very hard (Day 6 My favorite BTL Day) to have meaningful relationships and give them the care they deserve – this is not easy. I feel like my relationship with you is meaningful…and important.

I am on your team…although a young apprentice – who watches from a far.

1. This what I have learned from BTL:

God Exists

The people I have met that I see with my own eyes every Friday morning??? They all care about me/you/each other/ – it is one of the reasons I feel close to Doug…I feel his love for the band.

2. This is what I take away from the “process” – the “playbook”

Lean into the mirror. WTF? (Where’s the Faith?) The mirror is scary as hell – but have no fear – hell is worse.

3. And my practical application of that is:

A whole lot more of loving those right in your face! The ones you can touch with your hand.

The biggest failings in my life, the greatest horrors did not take place on the battlefield. They took place under the roof of my home. I was a great dad – and a shitty father. I did not find out until I was 45 years old that you couldn’t cheat on your wife if you wanted a good marriage. How do you think that worked out for me for 25 years?


As Chet has taught me. 

Lastly, about two weeks ago a good friend of mine who is about to have a baby was talking with me and asked me some advice. I told him the story of sitting there looking at the video screen early one morning and seeing you with that beautiful baby of yours and you said…that what you owed your family was…


Yes, yes it is true.

Eckhart Tolle, Tich Nhat Hanh, and Jesus would all agree.

My hand – is always here and there.



I care about you Brother.

I have meditated to this – hundreds of times. It always leaves me both empty and full.

1 thought on “Day 11…Always together

  1. Was thinking of you this morning, Jimmy Gant. We did army crawls in the 3PP. We call them Jimmygants. We call your writing freakin’ magic. You lead the band with love…

    Sent from my iPad


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