Resigned or resolved…

It’s a fine line, friend, between resigned and resolved. Every one of us is gonna hit the wall, so to speak. We all are going to experience being lost in space. All of us find ourselves alone and overwhelmed, in relationships we can’t fix, facing problems we can’t seem to solve, and in storms where it feels like we’re tumbling down the bunny hole completely out of control. These are defining moments. Resolve, friend, to baby step in them. Fail quickly. Learn. Get up. Baby step again. Resolve to baby step. Resolve to move.

Recently I baby stepped into some unknown territory. I’m pouring myself into a situation that makes no cents but perfect sense to me. I’m resolved to figure it out. Fact. The hardest part to anything facing you, is getting started in getting after it. Like a baby leaving the comfort of the coffee table, the first step is the hardest. Baby step today. No more tomorrow mindset. Baby step today. Whatever it is that’s overwhelming you now, friend, remember you have choices to make. You choose. Your choices have consequences.

Resigned or resolved? You can be committed in your closest relationships with a sense or resignation or resolution. Nobody wants a partner who is resigned to this is as good as it gets. We may sense their commitment but we can’t connect with their heart. We all want one who is passionately, purposely, resolved to make it better – to make us better. What to do, you ask, when facing this fine line? Be the change. Nuf said.

Live hard. LOVE harder…

2 thoughts on “Resigned or resolved…

    1. And, ask you partner/friend/teammate/lover what they want. Give more than you take. Good to talk with you today, Poquito. Filled me up. Thank you…

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