Life is…

I believe life is an energy management problem. When you have none, you’re dead. Every, single day I notice lots of humans running out of juice. You see it in their eyes, hear it in their voice, and can’t miss it if you get out of your own head, put your arm around them and simply ask ‘em, “hey, bro, what’s going on?” I believe hurting humans have a hard time hearing and most humans are hurting most of the time.

I believe in the life giving power of making your deepest held beliefs more conscious so you can behave more aligned and less anxiously. I believe most humans never take the time to build their CORE and author an authentic OPUS. Why? I believe it’s just a little bit easier to delay, delegate, or distract. So, most humans tell themselves there’s not enough time now to do the hard work within, you know. C’mon man, who does CORE work when they’re busy being a CEO, running a successful business, being a good mom, trying like hell to take care of your body, and figuring out how to market your name, image, and likeness on Twitter, Instagram, Linked-in, and the like? I believe it’s just a little bit easier to go with the flow than become the original you already are. You see, I believe your greatest leadership challenge is not out there. It’s not the team you just inherited (my God are they clueless). It’s not your outdated platform or your lack of understanding about what’s going on with cryptocurrency. It’s not your outdated branding or the fact that your followers are dwindling or never got going. It’s not that nobody notices your hard work. It’s not your race, sex, weight, height, intelligence or lack thereof. It’s not your family, friends, and clients.

Your greatest leadership challenge is becoming who you are.

Want more peace and at the same time more conviction, confidence, and clarity in your path? Stop going out there looking for hacks. Go within and start building your CORE. Start with your worldview, your “I believes.” Write I believe __. Keep writing. Think about your most bolted on behaviors and go back to the beliefs that ground them. You have a worldview. We all do. Make yours more your own. Make it conscious. Make it a source of strength. Never stop building a clearer and more accurate sense of self. This is your greatest leadership challenge. You cannot lead others further than you’ve led yourself. Leaders are believers, you know. Are you believable? Final thought, friend.

Life is an energy management problem and it’s yours to solve for you. Are you solving it well? Life is a gift. Are you treating it like the present it is? Are you at peace with your place and at the same time juiced by the obstacles in your way? Slow down and reflect. What do you believe?

Live hard. LOVE harder…

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