Day 21: Labels

I label myself as a thinker. I love thinking about things that can’t be answered. I love thinking about why humans behave the way they do. I love thinking about the grey areas in life, rather than the black and white. Perhaps this is why another one of my other identity statements is that I am multidimensional. I don’t like fitting into a box and I love connecting with other people that show different sides of themselves. Thanks for the great reminder of that today band. We are tough, challenging, hard … and other times we are celebratory and filled with nothing but love.

I remember a team practice a few years back where we shared the top 10 things that we believe everybody should know. Here were my first three: I believe everyone should know how small we really are – you should know about space and life. I believe everyone should know the fragility of life. I believe everyone should understand time. These were are all apart of my identity that makes me a thinker. Questions like the following energize me: How much time has surpassed on the Earth? Why are Dinosaurs no longer here? How long will humans continue to be on Earth? How’s it possible that you could spend a lifetime traveling in a rocket and barely cover a fraction of the universe? Why haven’t we discovered life elsewhere yet?

I love to think about these questions. And I don’t expect other people to love the same thing, but this is who I am. I am a deep and big picture thinker. This label helps me make peace about my place in the world. What are your labels?

2 thoughts on “Day 21: Labels

  1. I, too, loved today’s Band practice, Jim and Tay. I noted, in real time, that our Thinkers in the Band were quiet and were processing during our practice….while our Feelers were leading the convo and challenging us on the field. So good. Both/And. Lord, help us to connect our head, heart, soul and spirit in all we feel, think, and do. As you have perfectly designed us to do.

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