A miracle.

Today, during sacred band practice, we had guest appearance by a curious client. He wanted to see the magic. Turns out, the magic was already in him. After an hour of listening and learning, one of the builders asked him how he would describe his work with Doscher.

A miracle.

He continued to call us names. He said we are priceless miracle workers. We help people see and believe so they can become who they be. Damn. I can’t make this stuff up.

For some of you this sounds like me marketing myself and the band. Truth. I’m not interested in your money (no more clients) and make nothing off the band. I am wealthy beyond measure. For some this may sound like another online, humble brag. Truth. I am overflowing with joy from this work and this team. I love them both. Long ago, I made the choice to choose meaning over money. Both matter. Meaning, just a little bit mo. Further truth, I care what you think, just not that much…

Slow down. Write. Reflect. Focus on feelings, thoughts, and then action. Your brain follows a very structured pattern. First it feels (amygdala). Thinks (neocortex). Finally it syncs both sides of the brain up and acts. It’s scary for many to feel life. Your best decisions, on the big questions of life, require you to feel, think, act. I mean c’mon man, who fell in love by logically thinking this one is worth wrecking my sense of self over?

You, friend, are a miracle in the making…

1 thought on “A miracle.

  1. My latest “and” is it requires 2 for a miracle to happen. Whether it’s one person and God, or one person with another, it always takes two. And here’s another must have — it takes 2 who believe, even if for one it’s only a glimmer. And here’s a third must have — believers are receivers. You can’t experience a miracle if you don’t believe they are possible or if you are unwilling to receive it. You gotta believe and you gotta receive.

    This is why together we transform from a-lone toward all-ONE, one ‘L of a difference — and a miracle in the making.

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