Day 20: Sit. Walk. Stand.

The writing prompt for today is, “What do you believe when you face resistance? What beliefs keep you in the fight when life knocks you down?” Here’s my take…

One melody line that guides my way on this topic came from a documentary about Walt Disney and his efforts to create the most magical place on earth. His original team of highly qualified professionals could certainly build a theme park that functioned flawlessly, but they couldn’t quite capture the magic. Unrelenting in his endeavor, Walt flipped the approach and put more creative people in charge, dubbed them “Imagineers”, and the rest is magical history. Well… not without some resistance.

When describing the conflict created between dreamers and do’ers who were forced to work together, Walt was known to have quipped, “It takes friction to create motion.” In other words, resistance gives us something to push against in order to move something forward. Now that is a scientifically magical fact. I think of this every time I face resistance… it will simply move me forward.

The beliefs that keep me in the fight are rooted in one biggie – I am, and I believe we all are, created and designed for a purpose. My life’s aim is to discover what that is and become it. So when I meet resistance, I trust the science AND my faith as the friction moves me forward, towards my OPUS.

Now that’s some freakin’ magic.

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