Dial it down. Dial ‘em up…

Today, during a “fun” practice with a team of high performers, the CEO spoke ccd to his team regarding the heat in the room. He asked them to turn down the volume and intensity when surfacing conflict with one another. Good but incomplete coaching. You see, humans don’t deal well when given feedback that’s been aging in another humans craw. I mean c’mon man have you ever been blindsided by your lover about conflict he or she’s been holding onto for like freakin’ forever? Talk about tweaking another’s justice thread!

Want to turn down the volume when talking about hot topics?

Remember this. Problems do not age well. The best way to dial down the volume is to dial each other up the minute there’s a problem. Dial it down by dialing ‘em up, you know. What problem are you burying or (worse yet) talking to others about instead of the person with whom the problem resides? This is gossip. Stop this. Dial up the dude you’re a bit sideways with. Do it now. Amazingly your volume will rarely be turned up when you deal with conflict before it has you all bat shit crazy.

Dial it down. Dial ‘em up. Good.

Live hard. LOVE harder…

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