Your identity is not the names others have given you. I’ve been called genius by LA, underdressed by Cardinal Health, too much by too many to count, Toto by Gufreakin’rue, Cheeker by Doscher, Pickles by my Miss, and an endless array of other names – some complimentary; many, not so much. Others, however, cannot name me or you. Only you are on the hook to figure out who you are, right? You, remember, are the CEO of Y.O.U.!

I am in Christ and Christ is in me.

I am poison and wine – so are my relationships. I am Missi’s man, Chet & Maries son, father to four, and a better builder than brother. I am an artist and an entrepreneur. I am a lover of Porsches. I am a cyclist and golfer. I am a student of history, belief systems, and high performance teams. I am at my best building one on one. I am considerate if I like you. I am intolerant of mediocrity and laziness. I am tough and tender – appear more tough but the reality is I am way more tender. I am silly and serious. I am tuned in like an animal being stalked. I am flat out and flat on my back. I am all in or I am out. I am a writer, not an author. I am most peaceful in MOT (moments of truth), it’s the everydayness that freaks me out. I am ccd and prone to make people cry like babies. I am Toto – do not try to put me back in my basket (it won’t happen). I am a Jayhawker and still becoming a Buckeye.

I am CORE centered and self controlling (most of the time). I am attracted to humble strength and hard workers. I am a builder of humans and refuse to build anything else. I am not easy to know. I am not for the majority. I am friend to a few. I am simple and complex but not complicated. I am a work in process – saint and sinner. I am comfortable in jeans, tees, and my own, wrinkled, weathered, and cancer riddled skin. I am here to transform together. I am not who you think I am. I am a control freak and I am in not in control. I am making peace with my place. I am a challenge and challenger. I am here to make you do what you can, become who you are, and discover your calling and contribution. I am a lot and oh so insignificantly little. I am ______________________.

Your identity is for you to form. You most likely know more of the names others have given you. Slow down, friend. Write. Throw up some of the names you’ve given you. Throw up ones that make you feel less along with those that make you more. Reflect. I am so happy you are here. Are you?

Live hard. Love harder…

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