Day 24: Character

Day 24: Character

“Stop worrying about what others think of you and, instead, focus on what habits you’re engraving on your heart.That is the melody line for me in Chet’s message from today’s BTL Daily Disciplines! And one of my Habits is to read every morning my OPUS…. “I am on this earth to fulfil Gods Purpose and calling for my life, utilizing my gifts of, (Encouragement, Connectedness, Empathy and Curiosity), God has given me these gifts to serve others, transforming a few from A-Lone to ALL ONE! I will do this for as long as God Desires, as long as God needs me!

Looking back at yesterdays blog David Deck once again inspired me to put my OPUS statement out there for all to see and to admit that it took me well over 20 rinses, for me to finally understand what it is I do each day that lights me up and provides the renewed passion each day as I read my OPUS. It ain’t rocket science for me, I love Building into clients and seeing the transformation as they pour themselves into the process of building a strong CORE and the OPUS that lights their path.

I left Corporate America after 30 years at the age of 52 and never looked back. So, if you’re sitting there thinking it’s to late to make a change, follow a different path or whatever it is you may fear doing, trust me, it’s never to late. I went into this new career after reading myself silly on the topic of leadership for 30 years, facilitating leader programs, a coaching curriculum of 2 years and one year program in Positive Psychology and ready to COACH! AND then after about two years of being a Partner in Built To Lead, fighting with Larry Allen over the term Coaching, Chet kicking my ass daily, I realized we’re doing something very special and it’s not Coaching (Embarrassed to admit it took that long)! We are BUILDING and TOGETHER……TRANSFORMING LIVES! YES! I’m a slow learner and that’s ok because you won’t hurry this transformational process. It takes time, hard work and commitment. 

If you want to read two very profound stories of Personal Transformation, read David Deck’s Blog, Day 23 and the letter that is offered by a Lockton client who has retired and now embarking on a new path that she discovered defining her CORE and aligning that with her Big Dreams…. Don’t miss this letter!

Then go back to Day: 22, ZOE and read Kitty Allen’s blog and her incredible journey! If you don’t walk away convicted, encourage, challenge and filled with hope……just trust me, you will! 

I’m a little late getting this note on the blog, it’s 8:25 pm, I was up at 5:30 today, getting ready to meet my clients, out the door at 7:00am and Building into Clients until 5:15 and a 90-minute drive home. My simple reason for offering this information, I loved every minute of it, and I have another full day tomorrow and this is exactly what I dreamed of doing, it’s my OPUS…. serving others, encouraging others, transforming lives, filling my own integrity gaps, always working to master the disciplines, still need work and feeling grateful for the Band I get to work with each day! 

1 thought on “Day 24: Character

  1. Beautiful, Pete! Thank you for modeling the way for us who don’t buy into the BS of retirement. As LA always said…retirement is not a Biblical concept.

    We see you living your OPUS, your great work of Love, in each new season. So good!

    I am grateful for you,


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