Day 29: Find your melody line first…

Did you know that most every hit song emanates from the same chord progression? In music speak, this is I-V-vi-IV.  Pick the key in which you want to hear your favorite song, and chances are that, under the melody line that leaves you humming the tune for the rest of the day, you will find this same chord progression.  Can it really be that simple?  Is it really possible that every hit song comes from the same four chords?  If you can tolerate a touch of ripe language and a few Australian colloquial references, laugh along with the Axis of Awesomeness as they demonstrate the ubiquitous versatility of I-V-vi-IV (sung in the key of E).

What our five-minute clip demonstrates is that there are some musical laws for creating a hit song.  Ignore them at your peril. Don’t be jaded, however, and dismiss the difficulty or wonder of creating a musical hit.  Even if all hits share the same chord progression, each song’s melody line is unique to its writer (IP laws ensure that), evoking emotions that resonate distinctly.

What’s the underlying chord progression of Built to Lead masterpieces?  Core, OPUS, PoP.  

Like the melody line of any hit song, the melody lines of masters are as diverse and unique as each individual.  We believe your masterpiece should be created based upon who you are, what you believe, where you are going, and why it matters.  Like the music world’s magical four chord progression, BTL’s Core, OPUS, PoP is the repeating progression through which the great melody lines are authored, learned, and sung.  THEN you can add a thousand nuances, and a thousand more.

Looking for your melody line?  We have a chord progression for you. Core, OPUS, PoP. Get writing.

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