Day 28: Model the way…

…is more than a mantra. It’s a BTL principle. If Becoming BUILT TO LEAD has awakened you to the fact you are on a road to nowhere, a highway to hell, an endless hamster wheel, or a wild goose chase — allow that MOT to sink in and sit with it for a while — and then write. How did you get on the road you find yourself on? What were you believing about it at the time and where it would take you?

Centerfield brought up the importance of “sit with it” at band practice this morning. She’s on a completely different path today than her former life as a women’s college softball coach because, after jumping off the hamster wheel, she met a BTL builder in St. Louis who made her sit with it. Together she became awakened and challenged to choose the road less travelled called the Builder’s Journey toward becoming a master of the art of living.

Now an emerging all-star in the BTL band, Centerfield is becoming a master builder of others. She is modeling the way for the rest of her clients and all of us. She loves to practice, she loves to play, and she loves to teach others to be decisive and throw the damn ball. But today, she reported she’s recently re-discovered the power of slowing down, lingering and writing whenever confronted by an MOT, an unexpected feeling, a fail, etc. Instead of missing it or dismissing it, she makes herself sit with it until she can get to the root why that led to it. Instead of just fixing her clients, she’s making them sit with it and write until they can surface the self-limiting belief so they can correct it.

Together we were transformed as we remembered half of every ballgame is spent in the dugout — playing offense — sitting with teammates on the bench while you wait your turn to bat.

Sit with this one for a while. If you are wired like Centerfield and love to be on the field making plays, going fast and getting stuff done, learn the value and the rhythm of sitting with it, reflecting and writing. Instead of playing defense when you have an MOT or someone calls you out, go on offense. Do the real, hard, work to strengthen your core. Get to your bench, take a few deep breaths, and then sit with it for a while and write.

Model the way.

Done so.

6 thoughts on “Day 28: Model the way…

  1. So good. Put me in coach changes to I’m ready to sit, coach? Either way, thanks for the clarity you brought in practice. I’m sitting in it.

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