Love hurts…

C.S. Lewis reminds us love hurts but does not harm. This is a hard truth to accept when your heart is broken and nothing makes sense following a loss only love can produce. Fact. This is why Day 6 sucks (In BBTL) and, at the same time, is oh so popular. Love hurts.

Love anything and your heart is no longer your own. Love rents and wrecks. Doesn’t seem like a good bet, right? Lock it down. Let nothing in. Let nobody in. How, friend, does that feel? Feels like a fortress. Btw, my name (Chester), means literally fortress. If, friend, you want to play life safe, build a freakin’ fortress and let nothing in, not even an animal. Teeks wrecked me. He was my best four legged friend and died in Missi’s arms. Wrecked us. Was it worth it to give our heart to something destined to go so wrong?

Love hurts and love is jet fuel. Do not forget the and. Love is not just romantic, you know. Love is affection, friendship, agape, and Eros. Please, friend, slow down and read The Four Loves, by C.S. Lewis. Write. Reflect. Think. Feel. You are here because of love. You are here to love. And your damn nature is filled with fear. Your survival wiring wants you to play it safe and hide behind whatever is your fortress of choice. Power. Prestige. Prominence. Position. Won’t mean shit when you can no longer roar, run, ride, and, instead, only ruminate. 90 year olds, remember, mostly ask for a redo. They wish they had taken more risks, invested more in the relationships that matter, and slowed down enough to reflect about it all. Why didn’t they?


Love hurts. Fear, you know, not so much. You can build a fortress and play it safe. You can invest in love and open the hell up. You choose. Your choices have consequences. As for me, I’ve building a bit dangerously. I’m living hard. Loving harder. I’m wrecked and filled with wonder. You?

Live hard. Love harder…

2 thoughts on “Love hurts…

    1. My brother TLC. You opened my heart with your tears at First United Methodist Church. We had just met, we shared a common love, and a free flowing relationship followed as naturally as night does the day. Thanks for showing me a humble warrior and love cat can coexist. See you soon…

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