Day 27: Mantras

This is temporary. It will pass. These have been my mantras for crucible moments in my life.

From panic attacks, to moments of self-doubt, or to big moments in soccer this mantra has helped me. I recall walking up to take a really big penalty kick in soccer saying it, and saying it to calm my nerves before a game.

The moment is temporary.

But when the moment feels like the only thing that matters then I would fear it, and I would catastrophize it’s significance in my mind. Fear takes over.

So I’d remind myself: This moment too will pass… just be in it.

A couple years ago I took the Learned Optimism test alongside Chet’s clients. I have always pictured myself as a more pessimistic/realistic person. I still believe I have a partial pessimistic explanatory style, but my Hope score was high, and therefore the test scored me overall moderately optimistic. So what did that Hope score represent that was so significant?

The Hope score represented whether or not you believe problems will be permanent or temporary. High scoring = temporary, and low scoring = permanent.

My high Hope score illustrated my worldview belief that problems, people, and myself can always change. In essence this mantra centered me back to my worldview. I believe I am not defined by this moment, so I stopped panicking like it would define me.

Do you have situations that you catastrophize as permanent? There’s a difference between believing situations CAN change and whether or not things WILL change. Tell me more, what do you believe? Do you have a mantra that points you back to your core?

2 thoughts on “Day 27: Mantras

  1. I have two mantras. One when my brain is overcomplicating things – “You can do more than you think. Do more, think less.” And the other is when I’m getting ready to do my work – “Play to glorify.”

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