Melody line…

The melody line is the main thing, I tried to explain to my overthinking client recently. In a song it’s defined as “a linear sequence of notes the listener hears as a single entity.”

Then it hit me. What is the melody line of my life? What is the melody line of all life? What is the main thing, you know. What is the hum we all feel and sense about our physical existence on planet earth? It’s a lot to ponder, amazingly complex, and yet so damn simple. The melody line has gotta be love. We come into existence as an expression of love, figure out who we are in love, take love in to sustain ourselves, and give love away as an act of service to our world – to make sense, you know, of it all.

Give and take care. Give more (Chet). Take more (you know if I’m speaking to you, right). Give and take care (in love). Damn that is clearer now, at least to me. The main thing in life is love. We’re here to give and take in love. Do you have a different melody line playing in your head? Is fear humming in your head or love flowing from your heart? Slow down and reflect. Maybe you don’t need to do more at all. You are not a human doer. You are a human being. Be more. Hmmm. That’s good.

Live hard. Love harder…

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