Day 36- Self-centered and other-controlling

Slow down. I’ve observed people that are running fast in the world of work utter to themselves to slow down. I also observed that many of them don’t even have a concept of what it looks like to slow down. But they say it because they know they’re going too fast. So how does one slow down? Why should you believe in going slow every once in a while?

I choose to slow down because I believe it will ultimately juice me to go faster. What does this look like in practice? I rinse my core. I re-write my discovery questions. I answer the hard questions that I know will make me better, but hurt in the short-term. I connect my writing with my BTL band and a few who push me harder to get clarity on who I am and who I want to become. I’ve had to remember and go back to questions like: Why am I here? What’s my purpose? What’s my dream for BTL? … and then I experience the fun part of being pushed to do these things and live them out daily.

Day 36 reminded me of the purpose of doing core and opus work. If you don’t spend time slowing down, you’ll fall into whatever your nature tells you to do. And our human nature is mostly self-centered, other-controlling. I don’t want the soft soap and happiness. I want to get dirty in the search for truth, love, and goodness.

What do you want? Re-write some of your answers to your discovery questions. I’ve found that rinsing mine has been extremely difficult, but I’m writing truth and goodness is coming out of it. I’m going against my nature. My nature is to take the hard path alone, and I’m slowing down to connect my writing to a few. I challenge you all to do the same. Rinse you writing but don’t forget the key second part. Connect somebody to your writing. Take time with someone you trust in because we don’t get better alone, always together.

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