Day 43…Compete

In the past year I have consolidated all my most personal treasures into one footlocker. I went down this afternoon, unlocked it, and found the above poster.

Go back and read yesterday’s blog…Be like Mike.

You see, every single day when I get up, I pack my gear and head to the gym. The ten people who show up at the gym I go to are the Builders here at BTL. In the gym of life, we share ups and downs, victories and defeats. We laugh a lot, we cry sometimes, but we always do it from a standpoint of listening, learning and love. It is sometimes hard. There are ten beautiful individuals who make up this band. However, the power for me is found in the African term Ubuntu or “I am because we are” …there is great power in our ability to bring it all together into a collective ‘band’ (thank you Chet) and learn from one another…always learn.

I have only recently started Discovery, but as a part of my personal training, occasionally my brother and great Builder Mike Schott and I will get ‘in the ring’ for some close combative work. Pains and truths are revealed. It is quick but intense. We cannot spar for long. There is no need to. I love training with Mike because he truly allows me to see and embrace my weaknesses in a way that would be impossible without him.  We see and feel each other’s pain and vulnerability as we have faced some of the same demons.

Lastly, we have embraced in acknowledgement of the fact that we often fail.

Does not matter.

Get up.


Be like Mike, alright.

Builder Mike Schott, that is. Compete.

Compete – every single day – all the time.




PS Thank you to my two Builders John and Andy for helping me to see so much in such a short amount of time.

2 thoughts on “Day 43…Compete

  1. Jim – I appreciate and love you brother. You give me strength and courage beyond belief.. J+A are a dangerous tag team, and one that in partnership with you will transform us all! Grateful for you..

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