Day 44…Ten things everybody ought to know

Oh yeah. “Kirk” Gant circa 1977 when I was 10 years old. Don’t let the long blonde hair distract you, it is all in the Cowboy logo

I was born in 1967 but my love affair with the Cowboys began in 1961 our so the story goes…My dad was an all-state tight end (at 138 pounds that should tell you something about my dad’s temperament) and my mother was a cheerleader. Story goes they found themselves at a Roger Staubach football game in 1961 when he was playing with New Mexico Military Academy (NMMI) the year before he attended the Naval Academy. Start of pretty good career for one of my earliest heroes – Roger Staubach and also the beginning of my love affair with Dallas Cowboys or so my mom says!

So, I claim a long history of love with my Dallas Cowboys and most wonderful of all I have gotten to share it with my dad. We both played football (he better than I) and believe ourselves to be the best air charm quarterbacks around.

My dad and I love some Dallas Cowboys.

But not today. Today the Gant family is “all-in” with the Cincinnati Bengals…


Thanks Brother John and Brother Mike for letting my dad and I jump onto your bandwagon for a day!!!

Play more. Our most creative, inventive, and collaborative selves are found when we play. Play every day. Play with your kids. Play with your brothers/sisters. Play with your teammates. Play with strangers. Play with people like you. Play with people you like. And play with people unlike you and with people you don’t particularly like. Play. See one through nine as a reminder. Nothing is so important that you and I shouldn’t play around on this serious, limited, and blessed time we share. Play more. Live hard. Love harder. – Thank you, Brother Chet, for this wonderful reminder.

I am headed down to watch the game.

Go Bengals!!!




2 thoughts on “Day 44…Ten things everybody ought to know

  1. Oh man, I love this Jimmy G so much! I see you, who you are. And as a fellow Cowboys fan from the ’70’s, Roger and Tom Landry were my football heroes. BTW…Roger was born in Cincinnati….so, full circle for me as together we cheer ‘Who Day!’.

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